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Christmas Delivery

Often the lead up to the Christmas break can be a hectic time as horse owners try to get organised with stocking up on their supply of feed to ensure their charges are kept well fed over the holiday period. Here at Dungar Quality Oats, Tadhg is already busy organising his Christmas deliveries to merchants and shops all over Ireland to ensure customers are well stocked with the freshest quality horse oats.

At the moment, horse owners and trainers are preparing horses for racing and breeding purposes or keeping jumping horses fit for competition. For these owners, getting the nutrition right is paramount in achieving optimal performance. By incorporating high-quality oats into your horses’ diet, it means that you will be providing a very palatable feed with proven nutritional benefits.

A nutritional analysis of high-quality oats shows that this valuable cereal contains 10-12% Protein, 12% Fibre, 5% Oil and 12.2MJ/Kg of Metabolisable Energy.

To arrange your Christmas delivery of Dungar Quality Oats simply contact Tadhg at 086-2400 888 or drop a mail to or you can even message us directly on Facebook.

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